New: Summer 2024 Exciting Coding & Robotics Camp

Dive into a world of innovation and discovery this summer. At our camp, 9-14 year-olds will embark on thrilling coding adventures, create shareable games, and bring smart robots to life. Our hands-on activities, including augmented reality experiences, ensure a memorable and educational summer.

Join us for an unforgettable experience!

Welcome to the Summer 2024 Exciting Coding & Robotics Camp!

  • Camp Sessions: running weekly from July 2. from Monday-Friday (5 DAYS) fROM 9am -3 pm (early drop-off and late pick-up are possible with extra fees)
  • Age: 9-14

  • Cost: 200+TAX = 226 CAD/ Week
  • Payment Method: etransfer : ( if you prefer another method, you can call me and let me know)
  • Contact Number: 866-404-7487

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the Educational River family with our new website:! Dedicated to enhancing knowledge and skills for students, parents, and teachers, this platform offers an exciting array of free resources. We are committed to continually enriching our offerings with more tools and resources throughout Summer 2024. Look forward to innovative AI tools soon to be added after extensive testing. Explore today and discover how Educational River Pro can transform your learning journey!

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Experienced Instructors

Every instructor on our team is an experienced instructor of computer courses. We are passionate about what we do and determined to get the desired results. Your kids will enjoy your time with our fun-loving, humble, and friendly instructors.

Practice-based Learning

Value-Oriented Approach

Technology, it is only productive when it results in value. Hence, we do not only teach children just so they understand. We train them to use this knowledge and skills to create value, both for themselves and society.

All our programs are carefully designed to connect our teachings with what is obtainable in the real-world. What we teach is not only flexible but also applicable in their present and future engagements. They learn vital problem-solving techniques that boost their chances of thriving in wherever they find themselves.

our Programs

Coding Camps

Coding is the gateway to tech development. We offer special coding camps for kids, aimed at helping your child develop their vision and equipping them with the needed tools to achieve them.

Our carefully designed technology camps help your kids to explore the world of tech and give them the confidence needed to learn about computers and tech. Activities include technology tours and interactions with intriguing tech devices and experts.

Technology Camps

Educational Applications

artificial intelligence online tools


which is a fun educational tool based on augmented reality technology.

Continuously Evolving:

At Educational River, we are committed to constant improvement. Our services and websites are regularly updated to enhance your experience and provide the latest in educational technology and resources.

Stay connected for the newest advancements and features!